Haya Real Estate is the leading high end residential and commercial real estate agency for east Jerusalem, by offering a full service, turnkey solution for local and international customers.

Whether you are just visiting, moving, working or needing your existing property managed during your absence or wanting to purchase your dream residence in Jerusalem, Haya Real Estate offers the best services the market has to offer, professional services for all our customers tailored to your needs.

Haya Real Estate specializes in the eastern neighborhoods of Jerusalem. Our list of residences, whether for sale or for rent, ranges from best locations to most luxurious residences available in Jerusalem. Most residences have magnificent views, large balconies and/or gardens and back yards.

Our goal at Haya Real Estate is to satisfy your unique and special needs, as we guide you through the process of purchasing or renting your dream residence in Jerusalem.

With over 15 years of experience, Haya Real Estate has a reputation of the highest level of integrity, discretion and professionalism. As our client, you will receive courteous, personalized service, and benefit from our expertise and continuing dedication to quality.

Haya Real Estate professional’s approach is sure to stand out. We have learned that the most effective way to market our business is to provide an excellent service. As many of our clients are not based in Jerusalem, our goal is to look out for their best interests. We are well experienced both in finding out exactly what your needs are and in addressing them thoroughly- be it in renting, purchasing, managing or selling a residence. When you contact us, Haya Real Estate will assign you a personal agent who will tailor an exclusive service package to meet your needs.

All of our licensed real estate agents undergo training, which allows them to safely navigate the Jerusalem real estate market. We place strong emphasis on ethics, professionalism and customer service so as to comply with the highest international standards. Our agents are trained to provide you with all the relevant information that you need in order to successfully rent, purchase or sell a property.

In addition, we keep close contacts with leading property assessment companies, contractors and insurance agencies, so that our service covers all aspects of the transaction. We maintain a constantly expanding database of properties and we regularly update on market trend analyses. We will present you with all the data you need in order to wisely make your decision.

Having been long involved in the Jerusalem real estate market, Haya Real Estate agents share a true passion for this unique city. We look forward to sharing that passion with you and to deliver you an ultimate real estate experience.

Our Clients

Our clients include staff from consulates, representative offices and other diplomatic personnel, as well as the EU Commission, the UN and associated agencies, NGOs, journalists and businessmen from international companies.

Many of our customers are referrals from previous ones, which is the best compliment we could receive!